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The canyon itself is made up of rock layers that are millions and, in some cases, billions of years old, with each layer representing a different geological time period. But the actual carving of the canyon and when it began to resemble the Grand Canyon as we know it today is a bit harder to pin down. One thing geologists can agree on is the age of the layers of rock that make up the walls of the Grand Canyon. The youngest layer of the canyon—the Kaibab—is million years old, while the oldest layers date back as far as 1. This may seem like a long time ago, but it is actually quite recent if you consider the full timeline of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was formed over a long period of time by erosion and downcutting. Downcutting is the process by which a river cuts down into and erodes the layers of rock to form a canyon. Knowing that the canyon was formed by erosion, you may be wondering how exactly scientists can put a date on the absence of something. The complicated process of these geochemical techniques and differing interpretations of the data is largely responsible for the debate over the age of the canyon. Research suggests that the Colorado River is estimated to have started eroding and downcutting the Grand Canyon at least 17 million years ago to as much as 70 million years ago, depending on who you ask and what section of the Grand Canyon you are asking about.

Grand Canyon ‘may date back to the era of the dinosaurs’

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The Grand Canyon is one of the oldest natural landmarks on Earth. Researchers estimate that the Colorado River started carving out most of what we now call.

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Deep inside the Inner Gorge of Grand Canyon, northern Arizona, are the crystalline basement rocks that probably date back even to the Creation Week itself. Clearly visible in the canyon walls are the light-colored granites, such as the Zoroaster Granite, which are stark against the darker, folded strata of the Vishnu Schist and the other metamorphic rock units of the Granite Gorge Metamorphic Suite 1 see lowest purple and green shading in diagram.

These are former sedimentary and volcanic strata that have been transformed by heat and pressure, possibly during the intense upheavals when the dry land was formed on Day 3 of Creation Week.

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Nicolaus Steno introduced basic principles of stratigraphy , the study of layered rocks, in William Smith , working with the strata of English coal Former swamp-derived plant material that is part of the rock record. The figure of this geologic time scale shows the names of the units and subunits. Using this time scale, geologists can place all events of Earth history in order without ever knowing their numerical ages.

The specific events within Earth history are discussed in Chapter 8. A Geologic Time Scale Relative dating is the process of determining if one rock or geologic event is older or younger than another, without knowing their specific ages—i. The principles of relative time are simple, even obvious now, but were not generally accepted by scholars until the scientific revolution of the 17th and 18th centuries. James Hutton see Chapter 1 realized geologic processes are slow and his ideas on uniformitarianism i.

Stratigraphy is the study of layered sedimentary rocks. This section discusses principles of relative time used in all of geology, but are especially useful in stratigraphy.

How to Date the Grand Canyon: Go With the Flow

Vanessa Romo. The two sets of footprints “are among the oldest tracks on Earth of shelled-egg-laying animals, such as reptiles, and the earliest evidence of vertebrate animals walking in sand dunes,” paleontologist Stephen Rowland said. National Park Service hide caption. A geologist has discovered a pair of fossil footprints that researchers say are the oldest of their kind in the Grand Canyon, dating back million years.

The radioisotope methods, long touted as irrefutably dating the earth as countless millions of years old, have repeatedly failed to give reliable.

There are a number of lava flows on the plateau that the canyon is cut into yellow in Figure 1, above. These lava flows are Cenozoic in age, and some of them spill into the canyon. The walls of the canyon are mostly cut into horizontal rock layers of Paleozoic age green in Figure 1, above. There is an angular unconformity at the bottom of the Paleozoic layers. An angular unconformity is the result of tilting and eroding of the lower layers before the upper ones are deposited.

These tilted and eroded layers are Precambrian in age blue in Figure 1, above. The geological relationships of the various formations are quite clear. The lava flows which spill into the canyon must be younger than the canyon. The canyon must be younger than the rock layers that it cuts into. The sediments above the angular unconformity must be younger than the sediments below it.

Even young-earth creationists would agree with this relative sequencing of events. They would argue for a much shorter absolute timescale than mainstream geologists would accept, but the relative sequence is agreed upon by all parties. One particular Precambrian layer known as the Cardenas Basalt has been dated by radiometric methods to about 1.

The Cenozoic flows sampled by ICR thus are claimed to yield an age which is about million years older than the Cardenas Basalt.

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Visit our Grand Canyon Slideshow. Photo of the Grand Canyon courtesy of Carol M. Until recently, the Grand Canyon , one of the most spectacular and mysterious natural wonders of the world, was thought to be about six million years old. With improved dating techniques, geologists now believe that it actually started to form some 17 million years ago.

crystalline basement rocks that probably date back even to the Creation Week itself. Clearly visible in the canyon walls are the light-colored granites, such as the.

Most scientists agreed that the Grand Canyon was carved 6 million years ago, until a study in used new data to argue that the canyon was actually 12 times as old. A new study tries to merge the old and new data into a single story. January 27, The debate over the age of the Grand Canyon has raged for over years: It’s old! It’s young! It’s really, really old! It’s not as old as you think!

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More on the Age of the Earth—Uniformitarianism and The Grand Canyon in dating, but the real workhorse these days is radiometric or radioactive dating.

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